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Oro Valley is leading the state in high tech industries. So why does it feel as if dependable tax preparation is a thing of the past? Filing taxes is stressful enough without the added hassle of finding a financial planner that is right for you.

Shoreline Financial Services strives to ease the difficulty of filing taxes for more area residents. We have a dedication to excellence that includes better financial reviews and an emphasis on educating others on how the filing system works.

Not only do we want to maximize your tax returns and offer more accurate filings, but we want to take the all the stress out of your next tax season. If you are tired of relying on digital tools and software that leave deductions untouched, we offer a better class of personal accounting options.

Better Tax Assistance

If you are like many, then chances are you save your tax filing for the last moment. You wind up rushing through forms and scattered receipts, hoping to beat the deadline. This can quickly feel like taking an exam that you didn’t study for.

As a result, you may be missing critical items for deductions, or may even be filing incorrectly. Even if you have not received a formal complaint by the IRS, you could be paying more than you need to.

If it seems as if you’re paying more in taxes than anyone that you know, then you may be the only one not using personal tax preparation. When you deserve the best in personalized tax preparation, you need us to save you more.

Save More Time

Unless you are familiar with tax laws, it could take you days to get through filing your taxes. And we would all love to use a 1040-EZ form; most people have many more steps to go through.

Almost every purchase decision you can make can add another step in successfully filing your taxes. Whether you recently purchased a home, bought a new vehicle, or even changed jobs could make your filing more complicated.

If you want to spend less time on trying to fill out your return, or you just want a more accurate filing faster, we can save you time this tax season. Our tax experts can file even the most complicated itemized forms with ease!

File More Accurately

Everyone makes mistakes, but too many can wind up costing you a fortune. If the IRS believes that you are incorrectly filing on purpose, or if they think that you filed with the wrong form, you could face fines, fees, and even jail time.

Tax mistakes are not to be taken lightly. And yet, more people rush through their forms and hope for the best. As a result, you could be making yourself and your family liable for huge penalties.

If you want to rest easy knowing that your taxes were filed as accurately as possible, then you need our professional tax experts assisting you. We can help you navigate through the twists and turns of the tax codes, reducing errors and finding more significant returns the ethical way.

Professional Advice

Our team is passionate about saving people more on taxes. However, that doesn’t mean taking every shortcut and loophole available.

One of the many financial services that we offer is one-on-one professional tax advice. We can help you make better filing decisions that will help return more money to you without the risk of triggering easy red flags. When you know that you are making tax decisions on the right side of the law, you never have to worry about finding yourself in hot water.

We do our best to not only give you a better tax preparation experience but help to advise and educate our clients on the tax system. By providing a better understanding, we can help make the process a little more relaxed each year.

When you deserve better financial advice, our team offers the best in experienced professional planning. Choose us and save more on your annual tax needs.

Avoid Unnecessary Fines

Making a mistake on your tax forms, no matter how innocently, can send you into legal trouble. This is doubly true if the IRS thinks that you are hiding money from them.

While no tax planner can guarantee that they will prevent an audit from happening, what we can do is help to minimize the risk of fines, back taxes, and other penalties. Because we carefully review every form that you have, we can make sure when you are ready to file for the year.

The IRS can be unforgiving, and a simple mistake could lead to years of paying off fines. When you need the peace of mind that your taxes are in good hands, we offer the top choice in tax preparation.

Tax Credits

It seems as if the list of eligible tax credits is continuously changing. As a result, you may qualify for a credit and not even realize it!

Many taxpayers are not receiving as much of a refund as they should. This means more money out of your pocket than you need to, and money that you’ll never receive back. That money could, instead, be saved or invested, helping you retire earlier.

If you believe that you are constantly missing out on tax credits and other savings, then you need a professional tax preparation service. Contact us today to learn how we can save you more. Better Tax Preparation Now

It is never too early to start preparing for your next tax filing. In fact, beginning to plan now may save you, even more, time and money. Everyone tends to wait until taxes are nearly due, making it impossible for you to find help.

We help more area taxpayers find the deductions and refunds that they deserve, and we want to help you save more as well. Contact Shoreline Financial Services today to discover how we can make tax preparation simple.

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