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Certified public accounting is a profession that has been around for years. Many people, though, have yet to consider how a professional CPA can help them with all their financial needs.

If you have ever been in an accounting class, you understand just how quickly things can become confusing. When you add your personal financial information to the mix, it can make it even worse.

Luckily, you’re not stuck doing your finances. Shoreline Financial Services is here to help you with all your certified public accounting needs in Peoria, AZ.

Certified public accounting isn’t an exciting field work in, but our professional CPA’s are passionate about helping you. We discuss taxes, assets, and the future with area residents every day. Unfortunately, many people are not saving for retirement. This trend could potentially cause many avoidable problems later in life. Everyone needs a good savings plan. Most people believe they don’t earn enough money to save. Our team excels in finding ways for people to set money aside for the future. We offer in-depth financial planning and personalized services to help you start saving today.

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Should I Use a CPA or Accountant?

Many people fail to understand the difference between a CPA and an accountant. The difference comes down to the certification each job carries with it.

Typically, an accountant works as an employee of a company. Many times, they are part of an accounting department inside the firm. Though these accountants may have a CPA license, they act in a specific capacity within the company.

When you choose to use a CPA for your taxes, it is like choosing a professional real estate agent over purchasing a property that is for sale by owner. Our team of experts rely on their years of experience and continue their education to meet the demands of licensing.

Tax codes change every year, along with sales tax regulations and local financial policies. Your typical accountant will not have the training needed to provide services in line with those changes.

At Shoreline Financial Services, our team stays informed of the latest information and news about finances so that they can bring you better results.

Professional Accounting Services

A certified public accountant does more than the typical business accountant. By using the CPAs at Shoreline Financial Services, you will have a wide range of service choices. We not only help people learn to budget and save, but we also help residents in Peoria, AZ with other financial needs.

Our team can help you plan for a better financial future. Many of the personalized services we offer include:

  • Tax preparation
  • Business services
  • 401(k) management
  • Retirement funds
  • Home mortgage options
  • Wealth and asset management
  • Immediate annuities
  • Deferred annuities
  • Stock portfolio investments.
  • Mutual funds
  • Treasure notes
  • Life insurance options
  • Estate planning
  • Other financial planning services

Dealing with Audits

Often, the IRS will audit people using professional financial planning. This is usually because those people miss deductions and overpay taxes one year, then use a CPA the next year and save more money. When someone significantly saves money this way, it sends up red flags to the IRS, and they may decide to audit you.

An audit is not necessarily bad, though. If the IRS audits you after using Shoreline Financial Services, you will likely discover how much we saved you by avoiding unnecessary payments and fines. The only time you should feel threatened by an audit is when you take shortcuts on your taxes. Our team of CPAs never take shortcuts, so there is no need to worry. Our goal is to help you quickly and ethically prepare your taxes so you won’t need to stress if the IRS decides to audit you.

At some point in life, most everyone experiences an audit. Though we cannot guarantee you will avoid an audit, we do ensure that you will pass with flying colors. Since we handle all finances with integrity, during an audit, you can rest assured.

Securing Your Financial Future

Many people tend to wait until later in life before planning for retirement. Waiting is a bad idea because it is often too late to plan a secure financial future when you are close to retirement age.

You are never too young to start setting aside for the future. You can best ease the burden of retirement early on by creating personal retirement accounts, having a savings program, and building a smart investment portfolio.

No one wants to spend their entire life working. At Shoreline Financial Services, we believe everyone should enjoy their retirement. Regardless of your financial situation, we have options that can help you put money aside for the future.

Services for Small Businesses

Most small business owners do everything themselves. Regardless, hiring a CPA should be something every business does.

There are many financial aspects of running a small company. If your business doesn’t have an accounting service, our CPA team can help you with filing taxes and more, saving you from potential fines and penalties.

Shoreline Financial Services helps small business owners reduce the amount of taxes owed while providing payroll payments that are more accurate.

Should You Hire a CPA?

Not everyone needs to hire a CPA. In fact, many people never step foot into a financial planning office. If you are serious about your financial future, though, it is essential to choose a personal CPA. Granted, it’s not the cheap way out, but the payoff, in the end, is well worth it.

At Shoreline Financial Services, our dedicated CPAs can help you hold on to more of your hard-earned money by finding ways to reduce your tax burden and monthly bills. We help clients achieve better results by investing wisely in markets and discovering how to put money aside for the future.

If you are comfortable where you are heading with your financial future, you have no reason to hire a CPA. If you are serious about taking control of your finances, though, contact our office today to get started.

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