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Everyone knows accountants as being the boring person at the cocktail party. The stereotypical introverted numbers’ person who’s short on personality.

While we begrudgingly share the sentiment with our clients sometimes, professional accounting services play a more significant role in life than they do on TV. In fact, if you haven’t at least considered personal accounting services before, you just may want to change your mind.

Accountants do more than just act as a resident “bean counter.” They dig deep into your finances to find potential areas of saving, as well as inconsistencies and even accidental illicit activities.

Having a personal accountant on your side is the first step to living a more stress-free life. By having an expert who knows how to take your current finances and the knowledge to get more out of them, we can help you enjoy a more independent life.

If you have been toying with the idea of hiring an accountant for your financial needs, we would love to discuss how Shoreline Financial Services can assist you. Set up your initial consultation today and you can learn more about your personal financials.

Accounting Services Near Me

Preparing your annual taxes without a CPA can feel like taking your car problems to someone who isn’t a mechanic. Just like when you need other services, you expect to be dealing with an expert in that field.

Hiring a CPA for your finances is more useful than one may think. Even if you don’t own a business, you may be missing out on ways to save more of your paycheck each week. By offering a professional accountant for your finances, we can assist more Tucson residents with better financial planning. Choosing us for your finances is among the wisest decisions you can make. We help many just like you who want to make a better financial choice. When you select our team of licensed professionals, you are accepting better options in:

  • Monthly Budgeting Services
  • Itemized Deductions
  • Personal Savings
  • Smarter Investment Options
  • Payroll Services
  • Investment Portfolio Services
  • Tax Preparation Services
  • And other personalized financial needs.


Does it always feel as if you run out of money faster than you should be? Do you have a steady paycheck that just doesn’t stretch as far as it should?

Many people find themselves living paycheck to paycheck, even with a decent job. Before you look through the classifieds for a second job, you may just need better budgeting habits.

We can look through your monthly earnings and expenditures to find ways to make each dollar count. If you want a simple way to find more money each month, it starts with our team.


There’s a whole host of deductions that are available to taxpayers – but only if you’re familiar with the confusing tax code. As a result, you may be missing thousands of dollars that may belong to you in a refund, only to wind up paying more taxes each year. If you think that you may be owed more on your tax refunds, stop in today to see how we can save you more.


Everyone knows that they should save, but few people do. Most think that they don’t make enough money to save, or they were just never taught how. If you want to start a “rainy day” savings fund or are ready to control your future finances, we are here to help you.

Better Investing

Investment offices may not always have your best interests in mind. Typically, they present the latest fads and trends to get their commission faster, regardless of what they earn you. They may even wind up losing you more money than what you initially invested with, putting you even further behind!

Instead, we prefer to offer personalized investing for your exact needs and budget. We find smarter ways to use your investments to secure better returns. We believe anyone can start investing, and we will find the perfect route for your situation.

Payroll Services

Being the boss is nice, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Many business owners have strong leadership skills but are lacking in the admin department.

When you need professional payroll services for your business, you can always rely on us. We remain current on all payroll laws and policies, reducing your liability.

Investment Portfolio

Have you already begun investing but are looking to do better? Our experts can take any existing portfolio and find ways to improve it.

Portfolio investing is generally safer, but it also makes it easy to become lackadaisical over maintaining it. Many firms become complacent in specific investment packages, and as a result, you could be seeing better opportunities.

Tax Preparation

The tax code is complicated with many subsections, policies, and laws. That is why, without using a professional accountant, you may be missing out on ways to increase your tax refund.

If you are tired of wasting hours trying to figure out how to file your taxes, or you just would like a second opinion, we gladly help more area residents with their tax preparation needs.

Tucson’s Best Accounting

Today, accounting services have grown to become more accessible. You may find accounting services in strip malls, online, even inside of retail stores!

However, just because an accountant is accessible doesn’t mean that they’re the best choice. In fact, low-cost accountants may not have the right tools to give your finances the attention that they deserve. Sometimes, choosing a free automated software would find better results!

Better accounting is what Shoreline Financial Services offers. We have put together the best team of financial advisers, certified public accountants, and tax experts to give more area residents better service, no matter what their needs may be. By covering all of your bases and offering better advice in more areas, we help more people find better savings and better spending habits.

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