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Our country’s tax code is confusing, and if you are like many adults, filing taxes quickly becomes a stressful endeavor. Chances are, you didn’t major in accounting or finances, but each year you’re expected to know how to file properly.

Incorrect tax preparation causes many Americans to miss out on owed funds, or it could result in steep penalties. That is why many people who are unsure of how to prepare their taxes turn to a professional service.

Tucson Tax Preparation

Shoreline Financial Services has been offering a better way to plan for your financial future. One of our many services aimed at helping ease your financial worries is professional tax preparation.

We offer experienced tax preparation services, reviewing your income and finding deductions that may not be obvious. As a result, we may be able to find more ways to save than even automated software choices could!

Rather than using ineffective, expensive online tax preparation, you could have personalized service with an in-depth one-on-one consultation. When you have the best in local financial planning assisting you, you could see a significant return on your taxes!

Why Tax Preparation?

It seems as if we all handle tax season the same way, even if it isn’t the best process. Following the busy and expensive holiday season, we all sit down in late February and scramble to fill out the forms as fast as possible.

Not only is this stressful, but it creates an easy way to make mistakes. Because tax forms are sent to the federal government, even a small oversight can be viewed as committing “perjury.”

More than one person has faced fines, back taxes, and even jail time all over simple mistakes that could have been avoided. Having professional tax preparation services may be the most efficient way to handle the upcoming tax season.

What is Included in Tax Preparation?

What your exact tax preparation package includes is dependent on the nature of your occupation and the income that comes with it. Itemized tax forms take longer to complete, which in turn will cost more to handle.

Whether your taxes are itemized or not, all of our tax preparation services come with a professional review of your income, assets, expenditures, as well as choosing the proper form to use for your needs. The average person uses the same tax form their entire life, even if they should have used a different one.

As a result, many people are paying too much in taxes, missing out on potential returns or refunds. By offering a combination of both advisement and better filing practices, we strive to provide more area citizens a better tax experience.

What Can Tax Preparation Do For Me?

Anyone can file taxes for free. However, doing so could make you liable or put you at risk for mistakes you didn’t even know that you made. And unfortunately, once you get on the IRS’ bad side, it’s hard to get back on track.

Professional tax preparation takes the guesswork out of our confusing, time-consuming tax system. By going further into each line of your tax forms, we can find hidden deductions, write-offs you had never heard of, or even find more money owed back to you.

In short, tax preparation services make your life easier. When you choose your local branch of Shoreline Financial Services you can look forward to:

  • More Time
  • More Freedom
  • More Accurate Tax Reporting
  • More Itemized Deductions
  • Less Stress
  • Better Tax Code Understanding
  • On-Time Filing
  • And the peace of mind that your taxes are done right.

We’ve all had lingering doubt after we’ve submitted our taxes. We hope that we didn’t miss something, or enter the wrong amount somewhere. But when you choose our office, we remove all doubt by filing it right the first time each year.

Why Shoreline Financial Services?

Tax preparation has become an enormous industry itself. As a result, we understand that you have many options to consider in filing your taxes.

IRS agents form many franchised tax preparation services. While that may give them an edge in finding deductions, it also makes you a prime candidate for having an audit performed. When you choose us, you’re choosing to have the most in-depth and ethical review of your financial information possible. Not only do we review your information for inconsistencies and errors, but we partner with a local tax authority.

Axel Williams, the owner of the Gilbert Tax Center, works closely with our clients, helping more area residents save on their annual taxes. Williams and his team have been operating since 1984, offering better local services for:

  • Individual Filers
  • Joint Filing
  • Families
  • Home-Based Offices/Business
  • Small Business Owners
  • Business Partnerships
  • S-Corporations
  • Limited Liability Corporations (LLC)
  • And other common tax filing needs.

Tucson CPA Service

The difference in choosing our team for your annual tax needs is that we don’t just fly through your forms before kicking you out. Our philosophy is to not only offer a better class of local financial planning services but also help better educate the public on how the process works.

We take the time to adequately explain every choice and action we take so that you always feel like you are in control. Too many tax preparation services prefer to take charge, making significant decisions for you.

Instead, we believe part of removing the hassle of tax season comes through better understanding. By easily explaining the process, we can help take some of the mystery out of tax planning, helping you to make better decisions and filing habits.

This way, rather than helping you for a few hours, we can give you the confidence that you need to keep returning to us. You’ll be able to reduce the amount of time and effort in preparing for tax season, allowing us to work smarter for you each year!

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For the best in Tucson, AZ, tax preparation, choose Shoreline Financial Services. We work hard to find better returns.

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